Innovations in Glass and
Glass Technologies:
Contributions to a Sustainable Society
ICG Annual Meeting 2018
59th Meeting on the Glass and Photonic Materials
14th Symposium of the Glass Industry Conference of Japan
Yokohama, Japan
September 23-26, 2018


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It is located next to the Conference Center in PACIFICO Yokohama.
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Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:
March 1, 2018  extended to March 23, 2018
Notification of abstract acceptance:
May 1, 2018
Early bird registration:
From May 1 to July 2, 2018

Thanks to All Participants

We would like to express our thanks to all participants.

ICG Annual Meeting 2018 finished a great success. We summarized final participants list. The total number of conference participants is 588. (376 people from Japan and 212 from abroad)
There were total of 330 presentations, including 1 award-winning lecture, 2 plenary lectures, 4 keynote lectures, 67 invited lectures, 144 oral presentations and 112 poster presentations.

We participated 2017 ICG Annual Meeting held in Istanbul and learned how to hold the actual meeting and prepared this time. The great success of this time is not only our preparation, but also the result of the efforts of everyone who participated.
We will make further achievements in science and engineering in the field of glass and hope to see you all at Boston, the next XXV Congress!
We hope that the ICG Conference will continue as a fruitful development.

Conference Chair

Hiroyuki Inoue (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Details of participants

Countries, Regions numbers
Belgium 10
Brazil 4
Bullgaria 1
China 29
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 9
Denmark 5
Finland 2
France 19
Germany 29
India 1
Italy 8
Japan 376
Liechtenstein 2
Malaysia 1
Netherlands 6
Portugal 1
Russia 6
Singapore 3
Slovakia 6
Slovenia 2
South Korea 13
Spain 5
Sweden 1
Taiwan 3
Thailand 9
Turkey 2
UK 15
USA 24
Total 588

The ICG Poster Award

The ICG Poster Award was given for one excellent poster of the conference presented by young researchers or students. The winner was selected by the ICG Poster Award Committee and one thousand euros was granted to the winner by Stevanato Group.

The ICG 2018 Committee are pleased to inform the presentation which has won this honored Poster Presentation Award.

  • M. Ohashi, N. Terakado, Y. Takahashi(*), N. Onoue, T. Shinozaki, T. Fujiwara (Tohoku University, Japan)
    (*) Corresponding author
    Optically-stimulated Luminescence of ZrO2 Powder toward Human-body Temperature Sensing

Student Presentation Award

The ICG 2018 Committee established the Student Presentation Award in order to encourage the research of student project which will lead the next generation of glass science and technology.
All student presenters including master and PhD students were nominated for the award.
After careful and strict consideration, the ICG 2018 Committee conferred 10 awards for the outstanding poster and oral presentations from 50 posters and 28 oral presentations.

The award consisted of a handmade glass trophy. The glass trophies were made one by one by Japanese glass artist, Yohei Chimura (Research Associate, Tokyo University of the Arts).

The ICG 2018 Committee are pleased to inform that the remarkable students have won the Student Presentation Award.

Winners for Oral Presentation

  • Linfeng Ding (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany)
    Pressure dependence of density and structural relaxation of glass near the glass transition region
  • Jaeyeop Chung (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Optical properties of La2O3 containing novel oxyfluoride glasses prepared by containerless processing
  • Faidra Oikonomopoulou (Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Netherlands)
    A novel design philosophy for glass load-bearing structures that facilitate glass recycling
  • Mio Midorikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
    Solubility and Structural Characteristics of Rhenium in Borosilicate Waste Glasses
  • Jun Ho Lee (Korea Aerospace University, Republic of Korea)
    Infrared transmission edge and refractive index dispersion of quaternary Ge-Sb-S-Se glass

Winners for Poster Presentation

  • Yuta Osawa (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
    Influence of nitriding temperature on density and nitrogen content in Si-O-N glasses prepared by the sol-gel method
  • Nuttawan Sawangboon (Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research, Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena, Germany)
    Cobalt-containing Na2O-CaO-P2O5 polyphosphate glasses for medical applications
  • Akira Nasu (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
    Mechanochemically Synthesized Amorphous Na2TiS3 as Electrode Material for All-Solid-State Sodium Secondary Batteries
  • Daichi Morita (The University of Shiga prefecture, Japan)
    In-situ structural observation of aluminosilicate glasses at high pressure
  • Keisuke Asai (The University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan)
    In-situ evaluation of stress distributions and cracking behavior in silica and soda-lime glasses

Youth Outreach Program

We organized the 2nd ICG Youth Outreach Program to discuss the career and to make the network. (Istanbul, and now the 2nd edition) The youth outreach event turned out to be so popular that the event had to be split over 3 days to allow everyone to participate.

There were 258 visits for 3 days. (First day: 81 people Second day: 89 people, Third day: 88 people) Every day, the format was: Satoru TOMENO(AGC) would first introduce the event and its brief history. Then, the "rules" were explained, highlighting the importance of networking.

For the 3 days, the program was as follow:

(1) First day: brief presentations by Manoj Choudhary and Alicia Duran on the importance of youth outreach to the ICG, and few tips to network.

(2) Second day: brief presentations by Mathieu Hubert about his career and few tips on networking, TCs and benefits of participation to ICG.

(3) Third day: brief presentations by Erik Muijsenberg about his career and few tips on networking, ICG activities and benefits of participating to ICG.

Schedule and Program

Conference schedule and program are available from the links.

Conference Schedule


Presentation Instruction

For presenters (Oral/Poster), please review the following carefully to ensure your readiness and avoid problems.

Presentation Instruction (Oral/Poster)


The main issue of ICG 2018 is

“Innovations in Glass and Glass Technologies: Contributions to a Sustainable Society”

ICG 2018 has three specific themes related to this main issue:

“Innovative Glass Materials and Products for Intelligent Living”

A variety of innovative glass and related materials have drastically changed our lifestyle through the use of light tubes, optical fibers, information displays, photovoltaic cells, and other innovations. To ensure sustainability and safety, further development of new, functional, and intelligent materials is essential. Through these developments, we will be able to access information more easily and utilize energy more efficiently. This theme focuses on the experimental and theoretical findings on new glasses and their varying functionalities including illumination, communication, energy storage and conversion, and biosensing. Reviews of the current status of innovations in glass materials belong to this category.

“Innovative Processes and Technologies for Environments and Energy Saving”

Over the last few decades, the implementation of innovative technologies (e.g., alternative heat sources, waste-heat recovery, and optimized furnace design enabled by process simulation) have helped to decrease overall energy consumption during the glass melting process. This has had a clear positive impact on the environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions. However, the growing worldwide demand for glass products means that it is crucial to develop more sustainable glass manufacturing processes with minimal energy consumption. Therefore, in the 2018 ICG Annual Meeting, intensive sessions have been organized to focus on alternative glass-melting processes and technologies.

“Innovative Glasses and Processes for Radioactive Waste Management”

Radioactive waste treatment is a major issue in modern society. To remove this hazard from our environment, vitrification using glass is a crucial technology. A comprehensive research approach incorporating all facets of glass science and technology is vital to ensuring reliable encapsulation of radioactive waste in glass for geological periods of time. This session focuses on advanced science and technology in glass melting and evaluation of long-term glass durability for waste vitrification, including waste treatment of materials from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. A global exchange of knowledge on glass materials and processing for waste management is necessary for the safety of future generations.

Official language of the meetings and of related correspondence is English.









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